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pEACE, LOVE & sports clinics

Read & Play Leagues

1 hour of class time= 1 hour of court/field time


 It costs the student no money to play in a "Read and Play" league. The 1 hour of class time will consist of a 10- minute icebreaker with their 1-on-1 tutor, 35-minute reading session with a 1-on-1 trained reading volunteer and a 15-minute snack time. After they have participated in their class time, they will receive 1 hour of court/field time in the same night where coaches will provide a 20-minute training clinic and then they will play in a 40-minute game. 

Recent studies show that "one in six children who are not reading proficiently in third grade do not graduate from high school on time, a rate four times greater than that for proficient readers." So we want to use the power of relationships and sports to help get children in Nashville to reading level by 3rd grade.

Read & Play Leagues



The 17:15 Club is a group of people who are committing $17.15 a month to the youth of Middle Tennessee, to provide sports programming that will support education, promote peace and teach love. It is a show of strength by a group of people who care, and there is strength in numbers.  

17:15 Club

What will your $17.15 provide?

You will provide:

Peace, Love and Sports Clinic at no/low cost for 25 students at each location all over Middle Tennessee each day that school is out. This clinic is not just a sports training clinic, but also a peace clinic. Just like we practice sports in the morning, we are going to practice cutting edge non-violent behaviors in the afternoon.  


Read-and-play league for 28 students, which targets age level literacy. Students will receive a high quality 

sports league following a 1-on-1 reading tutoring session with a 17:15 Sports mentor. "Read and Play" leagues follow the 1-for-1 model... 1 hour of court time for 1 hour of class time. There is no cost for the league other than the students' 1 hour of class time each week.

Clinic and workouts in various sports for ALL young girl athletes (not just the top 25%) at no cost/low cost, teaching fundamentals and establishing a good foundation for the sport at an early age.

Sports leagues that target high crime areas and high crime age groups at high crime times. These leagues are low/no cost to the players.  

Individual workouts with one of our trainers can be earned by students that meet goals set between Parent, Student and 17:15 Sports.

The ability for 17:15 Sports to dream of other ways we can use sports in innovative ways to support education, promote peace and teach love.  

Peace,Love & sports clinic

The scoreboard is the message of 17.15 Sports’ mission. In 2017, Nashville had 107 murders. As we watch the countdown during Peace, Love and Basketball, each of the last 22 seconds represents a life lost of someone under the age of 17 last year. 

The studies are overwhelmingly consistent, indicating how much youth crime increases when youth are out of school. 17.15 Sports wants to partner with schools, non-profits and after-school programs to help provide programming on days schools are out without overusing their staffs. 17.15 Sports "Peace, Love and Sports" clinics are a 1 day clinic that gives kids a safe place to go when school is out, providing high quality sports training as well as a guest speaker to address topics kids need to hear, such as nonviolence, education success, how to achieve goals, etc. The

clinic will be low cost for all students, but Metro school students will be free.

Peace,Love & Sports Clinic
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